An Integrated Effort Connecting Coaches to Research, Resources, Training and Education.


Rooted in experience, research, passion, and creativity; the mission of WNY COACHES is to foster excellence in performance and well-being of coaches, athletes, and teams through sport psychology, holistic education, mentorship, and professional development.


WNY Coaches will be known as pioneers for a holistic, mind-body-energy approach to
coaching and athletics, equipping coaches to confidently engage with athletes on a
developmental, social-emotional, and psychological level.



We have curated and compiled the latest research related to sport psychology, athletic performance, team dynamics, and more.


We’ve compiled and organized a database of trusted resources to help guide and educate coaches at all levels across all disciplines.

Training & Education

Stay up-to-date on the latest coaching techniques, strategies, and modalities with our training sessions developed and administered by coaches, for coaches.

Why Become a Coach?

Stay in the GAME!

Coaching is the next best thing to playing the sport you love. Staying competitive and giving back. As a coach you have the privilege to help shape the lives of our young through a positive and productive sport experience.

Who Is WNY Coaching For?

WNY Coaches is a collaborative effort offering Coaching Education involving traditional coaching principles and acknowledging a paradigm shift including sport psychology tools. For coaches on all levels fostering impactful influence on the whole person, WNY Coaches is a tremendous training resource.

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